Are you the fan of Merge Dragons and you wish to know more about services that can offer you facilities? Then you came to the right place! We are one of the most devoted fans of Merge Dragons who started to play this game quite a long time ago.

Since the moment we found it, we realized that month by month, year after year, it will become better and better. As you can guess, we were right from the very beginning. Now, after almost two years, we are one of the most experienced players in this game.

To make things better, we decided to create special application that can ease some of the more demanding gameplays.

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Let us not forget about years of experience later on, which resulted in website with numerous generators (not only the one for Merge Dragon) that work and are perfectly safe and ready to go.

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If you are a new player in Merge Dragons and you wish to learn more about the game itself, then you can always contact us! We are here to deliver answers to all the questions you may be asking!